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Before recorded history, around the world, the most powerful people were warrior kings and chieftains.

Over time, as power was consolidated, kings were still military leaders.  However, other members of the warrior class lost prestige in favor of politicians, the clergy, and merchants.

As technology and trade advanced, the military nobility continued losing power and influence.  In some societies, these families were seen as a threat to the heads of state and had their titles and lands stripped away from them.

In most modern societies, members of the armed forces are poorly compensated for their service.  While veterans, especially those that have been injured, can find it very difficult to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

With your help, we hope to provide disabled veterans a comfortable and happy life.  The comradery within our communities will hopefully raise morale and decrease the number of suicide attempts by veterans.  We will also hire as many of our residents to work within the community or in our offices as possible.

Be confident in donating

We will provide a copy of our policies, financials, and any other documents and files for donors and partners to view.  We want to make sure that you'll feel confident in making a donation or working with our charitable organization.

Employees, from the top down, will be paid livable wages but nothing extravagant.  Also, we do not pay for advertisements.  Both of these policies are to ensure that the highest percentage of your donations go directly to the cause as possible.

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