We provide a fully accessible community for disabled veterans. Their comfort and lifestyle is fully supported within our neighborhoods, following the concept of universal design. Having wounded warriors and their families live together in a community, allows them to encourage one another. This should help with morale and to lower the suicide rate for veterans.

Design Elements


We have houses designed for disabled veterans and their families to live in with few obstacles. These units range from 2 to 4 bedroom homes. They have open floor plans, with no steps. There are many different amenities that have been designed specifically for the use of person's with disabilities, such as: wider doors, raised electrical outlets, and lowered switches, just to name a few.

Community Center

Each of our community centers are equipped with a game room, conference room, library, and kitchen with dining area. Hopefully this will help create a sense of community for our residents and encourage more interaction among the veterans and their families.


Each of our communities is home to a health clinic. With the help of local psychiatrists, medical doctors, and nurses volunteering their time, we are able to provide our veterans with some of the care they need within their own neighborhood.


Fitness is an important part of recovery and overall well being. Every community will have a path where our residents can walk, run, or bike. There will also be a gym with different workout stations, free weights, and accessible fitness equipment. Some larger communities will also have a pool and athletic fields.

Other Amenities

Depending on the size of each community, we'll include as many different options as we can for our veterans.  These features include: a community garden, orchard, additional athletic facilities, and a car care center.